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Phoenix Brewery

The Phoenix Brewery (not a hotel) operated 1902-04 at Riverside Road, Richmond (now East Fremantle), unknown by whom.

Photo from SLWA #006700P, c1902-4 (detail). The sign on the building identifies it as Phoenix Brewery. It is usually called the Castlemaine Brewery in photographic captions, because it operated as the Phoenix for such a short time (1902-04) before being taken over in 1906 by the owners of the Castlemaine Brewery (Gracie and Walkley), and so acquiring that name. The original Castlemaine Brewery, a wooden building from 1896, is in the uncropped photo, a short distance away to the right (west). SLWA's text points out that 'Smoke comes from the Phoenix Brewery indicating it is still working. This Brewery worked between 1902-1904.' The photograph, from the Passey Collection, is beautifully reproduced in John Dowson, Old Fremantle: 57.
(Note that in the foreground of the photo - near the left edge - there is a sign on a post obscuring part of the facade of the building.)

The former Phoenix Brewery in about 1960, not long before demolition in 1963. From a Kodachrome slide, photo by Jack Lorimer, pending permission.

View from the east showing the Carroll house (now the Left Bank) on the left, with the Phoenix Brewery right of centre. Click/tap for larger size to pick out the Plympton Hotel verandah behind the brewery (left side) and probably Tom Owen's pharmacy (right side) on the corner of Hubble Street and Canning Road. I think I can even discern the Methodist church in Glyde Street near the right edge of the photo.

Photo from SLWA #006700P, c1902-4. The sign on the building in the centre says that it is the Castlemaine Brewery, while the sign on the building on the left identifies that as Phoenix Brewery.

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