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Lotus arr. 6 October 1829 with a large number of passengers, most of whom were indentured to Colonel Peter Lautour. They included James Gallop and his brothers Edward and Richard, innkeeper Robert Collins, publican Richard Jones, sailor Richard Maxworthy, engineer William Kernot Shenton, and engineer Henry Trigg. Also aboard were farmer John Okey Davis and his daughter Frances Harriet, who was to marry Daniel Scott in the following year, 1830.

Passenger list compiled for the Family History WA page.

Allen, John
Aylemore, James
Barnard, John, farming servant with Lautour 38 Sussex
Barnard Elizabeth, Wife of John 32
Barnard Edward, Son of John 13
Barnard William, Son of John 9
Barnard Ann, Daughter of John 7
Barnard Charles, Son of John 2
Beacham William, Sawyer with Lautour 40 Hampshire Eng
Beacham Mary Ann
Beacham Jane, Daughter of William  14
Beacham James, Son of William 9
Beacham Levi, Son of William 7
Beacham Reuben
Beacham Elizabeth
Budd, Robert, Sawyer with Lautour—arrived per Marquis of Anglesea?
Collins, Robert, Innkeeper 32 Devonshire Eng
Collins, Georgiana, Wife of Robert 28 Hampshire Eng
Collins, Georgiana, Daughter of Robert 7 London Eng
Cooke John Taylor, Carpenter with Lautour b. 1808 d. Northam 1875
Cressey, Thomas, Groom and Servant 22 Essex Eng
Davis, John Okey, Servant/Self b. 1777
Davis Frances, Wife of John Okey b. 1783
Davis Frances, Daughter of John Okey b. 1806; she married Daniel Scott.
Davis John, Son of John Okey b. 1808
Davis Henry, Son of John Okey b. 1810
Davis Elizabeth, Daughter of John Okey b. 1815
Davis Anne, Daughter of John Okey b. 1820
Davis Sarah Okey Daughter of John Okey b. 1824
Doel (Dole) Isaac, cooper
Dutton, John Alexander, storekeeper, ship broker, 32 Surrey Eng
Dutton, Mary Ann, wife of John Alexander 27 Middlesex Eng
Dutton, Frederick C., son of John Alexander 4 Middlesex Eng
Dutton, John Alexander, son of John Alexander 2 At sea
Dutton, Julia
Foxall, George, left on the same ship (Erickson)
Gallop, Edward, 18 Sussex Eng
Gallop, Richard
Gallop, James
Garrett, Charles B., drowned 1830
Goodyer, James, left in 1830
Goodyer, Harriet
Goodyer, John
Green, Charles, to NSW in 1831.
Gregory, Joshua, Army Captain on half pay b. 1792, d. 1838
Gregory, Frances, Wife of Joshua b. 1794
Gregory, Joshua William Son of Joshua b. 1815
Gregory, Augustus Charles Son of Joshua b. 1819
Gregory, Francis Thomas Son of Joshua b. 1821
Gregory, Henry Chruchman Son of Joshua b. 1823
Gregory, Charles Frederick Son of Joshua b. 1825
Grover, William, 22, Sussex, England
Holden/Haldane, Thomas, Gardener b. 1800, Bristol, England
Henshaw, Charles, Farmer with Lautour b. 1813, d. 1839
Hester, Thomas, Agriculturalist b. 1790 Eng
Hester, Sophia, wife of Thomas Snr
Hester, Thomas, son of Thomas Snr
Hester, Edward, son of Thomas Snr
Hester, Sarah Sophia, daughter of Thomas Snr
Hester, Robert, son of Thomas Snr
Hester, Frederick John, son of Thomas Snr
Hills, William, b. 1.1815 (Sullington, West Sussex), labourer indentured to Morgan, mentioned in 1832 census
Horspool, John, Servant to J. Gregory b. 1815
Horspool, Mary Ann
Hubbard, John, Sawyer with Lautour 25 Eng
Isaacson, John
Jones, Richard, Publican 37 Sunderland Eng
Jones, Louisa
Jones, Richard, Son of Richard 11 Shadwell Eng
Jones, William James , Son of Richard 10 Shadwell Eng
Jones, Louisa, Daughter of Richard 9 Shadwell Eng
Jones, Mary Anne, Daughter of Richard 7 Shadwell Eng
Jones, Maria, Daughter of Richard 5 Shadwell Eng
LEWINGTON William , Blacksmith with Latour 25 Hampshire Eng
LINOTT Charles,  Blacksmith with Lautour  b1796
LONGBOTTOM James , Servant to Hester  b1805
Maxworthy, Richard, Cooper 49 Devonshire Eng
Maxworthy, Mary Ann Wife of Richard 27 London Eng
Maxworthy, Richard , Son of Richard 7 London Eng
Maxworthy, Mary Ann  Daughter of Richard 4 London Eng
MAYO Lewis,  Publican 33 Italy
MEARES John,  Farm Servant with Lautour 26 Eng
MONGER John Henry, Agriculturalist with Lautour 30 Kent Eng (w labourer George Charman)
MONGER Mary,  Wife of John Henry 30 Kent Eng
OAKLEY William , Baker with Lautour 21 Somerset Bath Eng
PATERSON Mary Anne , Wife of David J Gregory 19 Canterbury Eng
PETE (PETI) Robert
PIKE (PYKE) George
ROBERTSON John (Thomas) Carpenter & Blockmaker
ROBERTSON Christiana, Wife of John (Thomas) 30 Fifeshire Scotland
ROSE Hyra Holden, Servant of W.G. Sams b1806
SAMS William (Rich) Gardener
SHENTON William Kernot,  Agriculturalist with Lautour 28 Hampshire Eng
STEEL(E) William, Publican 32 Sussex Eng
STEEL(E) Anne, Wife of William 26 Norfolk Eng
THORN Richard, Labourer with Lautour 30 Hampshire Eng
TRIGG Henry, Carpenter/Self 41 Gloucester Eng
USHER Charles
WOOD(S) William, Labourer with Lautour 37 Suffolk Eng
WOOD(S) Lucy, Wife of William 26 Suffolk, Eng
WOOD(S) John, Son of William 10 Suffolk Eng
WOOD(S) Jane, Daughter of William 8 Suffolk Eng
WOOD(S) George, Son of William 6 Suffolk Eng
WOOD(S) Maria, Daughter of William 4 Suffolk Eng

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